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Prada Shoes

Prada Shoes

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30 items

Prada Shoes for Women

Name any occasion, and there’s a perfect pair of Prada shoes to match. Need something to wear with jeans and dresses? Opt for leather or suede Prada boots in your choice of height. Any dress, whether delicate and flowing or office bound, calls for a Prada sandal in a rich hue or metallic finish. Prada heels are just as varied, from the sharp point of stilettos to geometric cut-out wedges.

The sheer diversity of Prada shoes makes one thing clear: The creative minds at the Italian fashion house won’t settle for designing just one or two variations of the same style. Ombre patent pumps, modern Mary Janes, and comfy sneakers and walking sandals adorned with playful robots, blossoms, and kisses show the breadth of the Prada selection.

As prodigious as the Prada shoe collection is, the fashion house chooses quality over quantity every time. Each shoe is designed in Italy with meticulous care. Artisanal techniques and enduring materials always ensure the highest level of quality. One can never have too many shoes, especially Prada shoes, and Neiman Marcus invites you to find your perfect pair today.